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     Facing the increasingly fierce market competition situation, in order to maintain a competitive advantage and allow the consumers to buy motorcycle more convenient and faster at the same time, Guangzhou Dayun leads to adopt the local agents who has the rich experience for the market, local culture and management, formulate further development project according to the local market and all area cultural differences.  

     In the past few years, Guangzhou Dayun has constructed domestically more than 4000 unified and standard sales networks. The network fulfills all fields of administrative areas. Channels management is more flexible and regulatory. The construction of shop image is unified. The sales staffs have been trained the professional sales skills to make sure to provide the top product technology service and other outstanding service to the consumers. 

    Meanwhile, Guangzhou Dayun owns the mature network resources all over the world. It exports motorcycle to over 80 countries and area so far, invests a huge sums of money to international certifications for more than 20 motorcycle models, and finishes Dayun brand trade marks registry in hundreds of countries.